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RedHand 2 Short Preview

2011-05-11 22:52:38 by Shayphis

Just thought i'd make this to give you guys and idea of what i have done so far (for anyone who cares) :)

RedHand 2 Guest Voices

2011-02-11 14:22:32 by Shayphis

I'm pretty surprised and very grateful this worked out, but i was able to get the help of two more famous guest voice actors in addition to Michael McConnohie ( in RedHand 2. They are:

Richard Epcar (


Kyle Herbert (



2010-09-20 22:46:24 by Shayphis

[EDIT] All loading problems should be fixed, i hope you enjoy it :)


2010-09-01 18:43:01 by Shayphis

Where was i going?

RedHand is 98% done

2010-08-02 13:12:18 by Shayphis

So hang in there :)

Big thanks to Adam Phillips

2010-05-08 16:31:43 by Shayphis

For doing a guest voice in RedHand :)

Working on RedHand

2010-03-15 17:00:16 by Shayphis

Though its taking a bit longer than i hoped, progress on the first episode is still going very smoothly. I've decided to dedicate the first episode to character introduction rather than kick it off with a huge battle, though there still will be some action :). Hopefully i can get this episode running for at least 10 min, not sure if i can anymore, might be shorter than i intend.

I've got an amazing voice acting crew to help me with this project, i'm very grateful they have helped me with this. Oscar has also been a very big help throughout this animating process, he's given me alot of good pointers and tips to help me get a good quality of work and to try to stay closer to my own style rather than just copying his.

I'm not the fastest animator in the world, but i'm still going at a steady pace. Hopefully i can finish within a few months.

Working on RedHand

RedHand Clip and Good News

2009-12-28 14:43:20 by Shayphis

Here it is:

And i'm honored to say that Joshua Tomar agreed to do a voice in the series, and another guy has agreed named Todd Brent Schaus who did the voice of Nobunaga Oda in the Samurai Warriors games.

The first episode is on its way :)

RedHand Clip and Good News

More RedHand Progress

2009-12-11 20:29:32 by Shayphis

I've finally put together a intro to my work, thought it the unofficial version: 2

Please tell me what you think. A newer one is coming out very soon.

Progress on RedHand

2009-10-21 16:46:28 by Shayphis

This is taking me longer than i thought. Who knew animating stick figures in a cinematic way would be such a challenge. I don't know how you do it Oscar.

Progress on RedHand